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The most recent United States census found there are over 35 million renters in America. Studies show more than 70% of renters begin their apartment search online. Many turn to their preferred search engine making the organic search results increasingly important real estate for housing websites to be found., a leader in the online apartment finder space is dedicated to its renters and makes apartment searching free and easy. enables visitors to search through thousands of apartment listings of property management companies and private property owners all across the United States and enables searchers to search based on multiple criteria based on their unique geography.

As users increasingly turn online for their renting and real estate needs, search has become a critical part of’s online presence and strategy. Turns to Searchlight for Reporting Efficiencies, Depth, and to Scale Keywords recently turned to Conductor Searchlight to:

  • Determine where they stood in the natural search landscape relative to the competition
  • Reduce the time it took for natural search measurement and reporting activities
  • Scale the keywords they optimize and track to increase their share of search
  • Increase search ranking  data accuracy
  • Increase insight into natural search landscape

Prior to using Searchlight, gathering rank data and extracting natural search trends on a weekly basis was a manual, error-prone process that consumed valuable time better spent on rank-impacting SEO tasks. invested a full day (8 hours) every week in rank tracking activities and were unable to extract natural search data trended over time because it would have taken days to analyze. Additionally, the rank tracking software was unreliable, error prone and manual.  “We just never really knew where we were in natural search,” said Steve Bertolacci,’s Director of Search Strategies. 

100% Efficiency Gains in Reporting and Measurement

With Searchlight’s automated rank-tracking and trend analysis, was able to reclaim 100% of time previously invested in rank-tracking, recouping a full day every week to devote to high-impact activities.

Hours Spent Tracking Ranks per Week

In addition to reclaiming four full days per month for, Searchlight also increased the accuracy of data collected, greatly reducing errors and instances of failed rank data collection.

Data Accuracy

Scale Potential Keyword Traffic by More than 4.5x

As a result of the efficiencies Searchlight gave in reporting and measurement, they were able to scale their keywords by 567%, increasing the keywords they track from 150 to 1,000.  This ability to scale their keywords significantly enabled to expand their share of search while also positioning them with the infrastructure and internal processes necessary to continue increasing their share of search going forward.

Keyword Scaling Achieved with Conductor Searchlight

The significant keyword scale Searchlight enabled resulted in a 482% increase in the potential traffic for

Share of Natural Search

Searchlight greatly increased the depth of insight into their natural search landscape.  Prior to using Searchlight,’s insight was limited to basic rank tracking data.  With Searchlight, can now see their natural search data trended over time, gain deep insight into their competitive landscape, and discover opportunity via Searchlight’s on-page recommendations. Gains Efficiencies, Scales Their Keywords and is Positioned for Continued Growth In Natural Search

Natural Search turned to Conductor Searchlight to improve data accuracy and collection reliability, determine where they stood relative to the competition and reduce the time it took for reporting and measurement activities with the goal of scaling natural search keywords.  With its automated reporting functionality Searchlight reduced the time it took for reporting and measurement activities by 100%, recouping four days every month for they could now devote to high-impact SEO activities.  With its automatic trend analysis, Searchlight also gave deep insight into their natural search and competitive landscape they did not previously have.  With their newfound efficiencies and insights, was able to scale their keywords by 567%, expanding their share of search to 1,000 keywords.  With Searchlight’s technology is now positioned to continue to expand their share of search going forward.