Intelligent Site Redesign and Migration Webinar with SEER Interactive

If you’ve lived through a site redesign or are about to embark on migrating your site, you know that planning and strategy are key to successful implementation.

In this webinar, SEER Interactive’s Founder Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds), YourTango’s VP of Marketing Annie Cushing (@anniecushing) along with Conductor’s Director of Search Intelligence Brian McDowell (@Brian_McDowell), present strategies and considerations for successful site redesign and migration in the Intelligent Redesign and Migration Webinar. You will learn how to:

  • Prepare your existing site for a relaunch/migration
  • Secure your existing content, rankings and linking assets for the move
  • Manage analytics, webmaster tools and baseline reporting
  • Identify responsibilities and action items for SEMs in the software development life cycle
  • Implement post-launch tactics and strategies
  • Manage your digital assets in the new environment
  • Follow post-launch metrics
  • Reduce and explain the fluctuation impact in the search engines

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