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How America's Search Trends from 2011 Makes Google+ Stand Out

More than 300 Billion searches were made in the US in 2011, according to ComScore. In December each year, the Big Three search engines publish the most popular searches of the year.

In 2011, the top ten searches from the three search engines added up to more than 250 million searches alone. We thought it would be fun to take a look at what America sees in the search results for the most popular searches of the year.

First, the top ten US Searches in 2011 by search engine:




Rebecca Black iPhone Person: Justin Bieber
Google + Casey Anthony  News story: Casey Anthony trial
Ryan Dunn Kim Kardashian Athlete: Maria Sharapova
Casey Anthony Katy Perry Musician: Justin Bieber
Battlefield 3 Jennifer Lopez Electronics: Xbox
iPhone 5 Lindsay Lohan TV show: ”American Idol”
Adele American Idol Reality star: Kim Kardashian
Tepco (IN JAPANESE) Jennifer Aniston Late night show: Chelsea Handler
Steve Jobs Japan earthquake Movie: ”Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”
iPad 2 Osama bin Laden Celebrity event: Royal wedding


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