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Paid Search Traffic Takes a Nose Dive

Share of Paid Search Clicks from Search Engine Visits Organic search is proving to be the leading driver of search engine traffic, commanding a significant portion of traffic over paid search. According to a recent report by Hitwise, over 92% of search engine traffic is driven by organic clicks, leaving paid clicks with a 7.25% share. This represents a 26% decline in the share of paid clicks when compared year over year. With the exception of Education, the results were consistent depicting an industry wide decline in paid traffic.

Additional industry data continues to support the growing authority of organic clicks. The chart below compares the share of paid clicks from search engine visits over the past year in all industries including: Retail 500, Insurance and Travel Agencies. Travel Agencies took the biggest hit with a 25% decline in paid clicks, followed by Insurance (22%) and Retail 500 (20%).

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