Searchlight Core Features

Conductor Searchlight Content Mapping

Content Mapping

Everyone is doing it. Why? Because it works. But could you get more out of your content? With Content Mapping you can see opportunities to create more impactful content based on persona, product line, role or business unit and ways to usher them from conversation to conversion. From there, you can track how your content is performing and amplify your content marketing success.

Conductor Searchlight Audience Intent Explorer

Audience Intent Explorer

Get inside the minds of your consumers, with Audience Intent Explorer. Quickly discover new areas of interest around your highest priority topics. Suggestions are prioritized according to their potential to drive traffic and conversions. You’ll dominate the conversation. And your competition!

Conductor Searchlight Competitive IntelliScope

Competitive IntelliScope

Competitive IntelliScope enables you to compare your keyword search performance with other domains. Identify who your key competitors are, and how your content is performing against theirs. Then take action on the opportunities that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Conductor Searchlight Search Experience Tracking

Search Experience Tracking

Local? Mobile? Global? They are all important. But you have to look at them through the lens of the consumer experience. With Conductor Search Experience Tracking, you gain insights into not only location and device performance but content types—like images, videos, and local listings. From there, you can uncover opportunities to improve location-based targeting or ensure that you are maximizing mobile. Finally you can conquer the search landscape by ensuring you are using videos, images and other content types and outpacing the competition.

Conductor Searchlight YouTube Integration

Channel Insights for YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and video content on YouTube is a critical component of a successful content marketing strategy. However, with all the search engines, device types, and locations where customers are looking for content – it is very challenging to make sure video content is consistently being found. With Channel Insights for YouTube, marketers can understand their video content performance and discover how they are being found on YouTube. Put that data into action within Searchlight in order to make sure customers are finding your high quality video content wherever they look.

Conductor Searchlight Customizable Workspaces


Don’t compromise with limited views of your data. Conductor Searchlight™ enables marketers to obtain instant access to any search metric in any combination to create personalized workspaces. These reports can be generated and scheduled for automated delivery to any recipient. Workspaces allow you to customize your data in a way that helps you get the most value from Searchlight, meet your business goals and discover new opportunities.

Conductor Searchlight Recommendations


The Searchlight Recommendations Engine generates powerful insights to take action on for site improvements for increased visibility and traffic. Searchlight identifies issues and provides guided recommended actions to take to improve your SEO. The fully customizable interface lets you target your most important and high-impact site changes.

Conductor Searchlight Content Insights

Content Insights

We’ve all heard that ‘content is king’. But many of the standard tools for measuring content do not scale: they focus entirely on SEO keywords or individual pages. Content Insights allows marketers to create rule-based segments of their content, allowing them to monitor and report on entire sections of their website automatically. It is a powerful tool for identifying opportunities and providing actionable and meaningful reporting.

Business Case Builder

Utilizing Searchlight’s predicative analytics, Business Case Builder allows you to identify revenue opportunities, quantify the potential impact, make the business case to key stakeholders, monitor the success of the initiative, and finally demonstrate ROI.

Conductor Searchlight Daily Performance Manager

Daily Performance Management

The highest priority keywords are critical to the success of your business. High-frequency reporting gives you instant alerts so you can easily measure how your search strategies, content marketing activities, algorithm changes and on-site modifications impact your visibility. Don’t let competitive threats or sudden drops in search traffic put your online visibility at risk. With Searchlight’s Daily Performance Manager, you’ll get immediate notifications for significant rank and traffic moves, giving you the upper hand to strengthen and protect your share of search.

Conductor Searchlight Paid and Natural Explorer

Paid and Natural Explorer

Unlock the ability to identify new keyword opportunities in paid search results. With the integration of paid search data in Searchlight, search marketers can better manage their search budgets and competitive strategies. In addition to reporting for your own domain, Searchlight provides paid search reporting for competitors, enabling powerful, game-changing analysis for both paid and SEO campaigns.

Conductor Searchlight Social Signal Tracking

Social Signal Tracking

The impact of social media on SEO is constantly evolving. Through Searchlight’s reporting of real-time social signals for you and competitors, you can share SEO and social metrics across your organization for cohesive, cross-channel strategies.

Searchlight API

The Searchlight API is the industry’s first open platform that enables marketers and developers to leverage powerful integrated applications and easily create innovative custom applications using Searchlight data.

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Conductor Searchlight International


Leading marketers realize the business potential across international search engines. With over 2 billion global Internet users, you can’t afford to ignore the potential. International brands and global teams rely on Searchlight to manage keyword discovery, search performance, competitive analysis and cross-team workflow using intelligent data, customized workspaces, business case projections and flexible reporting.

Conductor Searchlight TrueTraffic

Modeled Traffic

Get actionable insight in a [Not Provided] world with Modeled Traffic. With Modeled Traffic we provide traffic metrics based on individual keywords, online visibility, consumer demand and behavioral models. That way you know you can see what is working for you and where you have opportunities for improvement.

Conductor Searchlight Visibility Explorer

Visibility Explorer

Finding new keywords to optimize for your pages and digital assets used to be hard work, but with Searchlight Visibility Explorer, comprehensive keyword discovery is directly in the platform. Visibility Explorer finds new opportunities, provides detailed insight into competitors’ traffic and ranking and streamlines the addition of important keywords into Searchlight. Visibility Explorer reports the keywords and URLs you and your competition are ranking for, even those keywords you don’t currently manage in Searchlight.

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