Getting vast amounts of data is easy, making it work for you is hard. The Searchlight platform brings together search data in intelligent ways to help you succeed.

Conductor Searchlight Content Insights

Content Insights

Understand the state of the union for your existing content to understand where you have opportunities to improve content or where you need to create new content to realize your full market opportunity. Take a content-first approach to your SEO efforts with Content Insights. Searchlight's unique method of content segmentation allows you to find and group together pages that are similar, in a way that makes sense for your website or business. Segments can be tagged with additional relevant information for better measurement and reporting. Measure and track content performance by template, product groups, departments, business initiatives, find additional optimization opportunities, and measure the impact of changes made at a macro level.


Visibility Explorer

Visibility Explorer

Finding new keywords to optimize for your pages and digital assets used to be hard work. The Searchlight Visibility Explorer provides comprehensive Keyword Discovery directly to you. Visibility Explorer finds new opportunities, provides detailed insight into competitors' traffic and ranking, and streamlines the addition of important newly-discovered keywords into Searchlight.

Visibility Explorer reports the keywords you and your competitors are ranking for, even those keywords you do not currently manage in Searchlight. Visibility Explorer reports the keywords and URLs ranking in Google. Use this industry innovation to show keywords you rank for that competitors don't, keywords your competitors are ranking for that you are not, and those you share and maintain your competitive advantage.


Paid & Natural Explorer

Paid & Natural Explorer

Unlock the ability to identify new keyword opportunities in paid search results. Searchlight provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing keywords - from deep competitor and top ranker analysis for managed terms and discovery of unmanaged terms through Visibility Explorer, to granular analysis of organic referrers through Traffic Explorer, and in this view, the analysis of paid results.

Searchlight now integrates paid search data via the SEO Cloud, helping search marketers better manage their search budgets and competitive strategies.  Unlike other platforms that only offer paid search integration for a user’s own domain, Searchlight customers can now see paid search data for competitors – enabling powerful, game-changing competitive analysis for both paid and SEO campaigns.


Conductor Searchlight Business Case Builder

Business Case Builder

Business Case Builder uses predictive analytics to estimate future traffic and help organizations plan, execute, and monitor their SEO & content initiates. Business Case Builder helps organizations estimate the revenue opportunity of their SEO efforts in real timeby leveraging industry standard Click Through Curves allowing marketers to predict the impact on traffic of rank improvements. Business Case Builder leverages data within Searchlight to recommend keywords that represent the best opportunity for driving more traffic, conversions, and revenue.


Conductor Searchlight API and Marin Integration

Conductor Searchlight API

The Searchlight API is the industry's first open platform that enables marketers and developers to leverage powerful integrated applications and easily create innovative, custom applications using data from Searchlight. You'll have access to two powerful new ways of using data from Searchlight: utilize the data in integrated applications like Marin Channel Connect that give you valuable functionality out of the box, or use the API to create custom applications on top your Searchlight data powered by API leader Mashery.




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