International brands and global teams rely on Searchlight to manage keyword discovery, search performance, competitive analysis and cross-team workflow using intelligent data, customized workspaces and flexible reporting.

Collaborate Internationally with Conductor Searchlight

Collaborate Internationally

Align your strategies globally with Searchlight’s advanced collaboration and workflow management platform. Track success with our task management portal and share workspaces and automated reports across teams.





In-Depth Competitive Analysis with Conductor Searchlight

In-Depth Competitive Analysis

We know how important it is to not only report on your own SEO visibility and efforts. It is also important to know how your competitors are performing. In addition to your known competitors you add into the platform, Searchlight discovers your online competitors that you may not even know about.




Customizable Workspaces and Reporting with Conductor Searchlight

Customizable Workspaces & Reporting

Build customizable workspaces to manage your international search campaigns. Searchlight gives you the flexibility to create workspaces that contain information that is most relevant not only to you, but for other teams, executives or any stakeholders in your global organization. Share workspaces on-demand or by scheduling regular delivery as reports.




Global Search Intelligence with Conductor Searchlight

Global Search Intelligence

Monitor and manage all of your SEO efforts from a single platform solution and increase your visibility across the globe on different search engines with in-region collection. We take data quality seriously – that’s why Conductor has set up data centers across the world in all the regions we support so you can get the most accurate data for you and your competitors

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