Preferred Landing Page Management

Natural search success comes when high rankings are combined with the Preferred Landing Pages that optimally convert. Significantly increase revenue with Searchlight PLP Management.

Comprehensive URL Discovery

Automatically discover or manually configure preferred landing pages for each keyword within Searchlight. Track their performance against internally competing pages and your competitive landscape for comprehensive visibility.

Site Wide Actionable Insights

Receive actionable insight into whether your non-preferred pages are creating internal competition with preferred pages. Quickly increase preferred page performance to grow revenue without lengthy analysis or auditing.

Expanded Recommendation Visibility

Gain visibility into which of your keywords a page is ranking for and implement the most optimal Searchlight Recommendations for each URL. Prevent keyword page saturation in your SEO programs with overlapping keyword alerts.

Prioritized SEO Workflow

Focus SEO strategies on the optimally converting pages with Searchlight keyword categorization and preferred page management. Prioritize the best converting pages and manage strategies on getting the RIGHT pages ranking for complete website optimization.