Creating customized reports for your organization doesn't have to suck. Integrate with Searchlight and create intelligent search and business reports at the touch of a button.

Analytics Integration

Analytics Integration

Whether you use Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst or another analytics platform, Searchlight is the right solution for you. Combine your business and analytics data with Searchlight for total visibility into the success of your search programs. You'll be able to prove the ROI of your SEO strategies and identify new traffic opportunities and all without lengthy set up or coding.

Searchlight Analytics integrations enable you to track and report conversions and revenue data for SEO as well as other customized metrics. The easy-to-use interface allows you to breeze through integration setup; simply drag and drop standard or custom metrics into your reports.


My Searchlight Customized Dashboards

My Searchlight Customized Workspaces

Don't compromise with limited views from other solutions. Get the search data and intelligence you need the way you want it. The customizable workspaces and reporting platform are integrated with Searchlight and enable you to get the power of Searchlight data presented your way. Create workspaces and reports for yourself, other team members or busy executives.

Searchlight contains powerful views into aggregated data that help you gain insight into your site's performance and gather competitive intelligence, helping you stay ahead of the game. My Searchlight takes this to the next level by enabling you to customize this data in a way that helps you get the most value and helps you meet your business goals and discover new opportunities. 


Scheduled Reporting and Exports

Scheduled Reporting and Exports

Set a scheduled delivery of any report or personalized workspaces in Searchlight to yourself, another Searchlight user, or non-Searchlight user at the touch of a button. It's really that easy and now you don't have to spend hours creating and sending reports to your company.

Scheduled delivery is available for any report or workspace. Do additional analysis on your data by exporting export valuable data instantly. Deliver important progress updates automatically through the enhanced delivery of flexible workspaces and reports.


Conductor Searchlight API and Marin Integration

Conductor Searchlight API

The Searchlight API is the industry's first open platform that enables marketers and developers to leverage powerful integrated applications and easily create innovative, custom applications using data from Searchlight. You'll have access to two powerful new ways of using data from Searchlight: utilize the data in integrated applications like Marin Channel Connect that give you valuable functionality out of the box, or use the API to create custom applications on top your Searchlight data powered by API leader Mashery.


Conductor Searchlight Business Case Builder

Business Case Builder

Business Case Builder uses predictive analytics to estimate future traffic and help organizations plan, execute, and monitor their SEO & content initiates. Business Case Builder helps organizations estimate the revenue opportunity of their SEO efforts in real timeby leveraging industry standard Click Through Curves allowing marketers to predict the impact on traffic of rank improvements. Business Case Builder leverages data within Searchlight to recommend keywords that represent the best opportunity for driving more traffic, conversions, and revenue.


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