SEO Workflow & Task Management

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your teams SEO project management. Turn disparate tasks into cohesive SEO workflow that gets results.

Task Management

Take advantage of seamless integration between SEO monitoring and management of tasks associated with improving performance and visibility. Identify, create and assign SEO tasks across your organization within a single SEO platform.

Workflow Tracking & Reporting

Manage tasks, projects, and due dates for an entire domain in an intuitive workflow interface. Easily filter, report and communicate prioritized tasks across your teams to achieve SEO success through efficient SEO workflow management.

SEO Metrics Annotation

Annotate and share the best SEO wins, opportunities, and milestones as part of your SEO workflow. Track your progress against SEO goals or events with customizable annotations visible throughout your organization.

Sharing and Collaboration

Share SEO and competitive data throughout your organization to achieve instant collaboration. The Searchlight "share" feature enables instant sharing of metrics, annotations, and online reports to increase collaboration and cooperation and to improve overall team performance.

Customizable Dashboards

Searchlight enables you to customize display options that are visible every time you log in. Identify new opportunities to grow traffic with your instant access to the most critical metrics and SEO reports.

Workflow Assistant (Guide Me)

Get your very own workflow assistant. "Guide Me" helps cross-functional teams involved across your organization identify new SEO rank opportunities to increase traffic, providing step-by-step instructions and guides for incredibly quick results.