Get a competitive edge, prove the ROI and create winning search marketing campaigns for clients with the SEO platform used by more agencies than any other enterprise solution.

Increase Efficiency and Deliver Results Faster

Automate rank tracking, page analysis and providing on-page recommendations for all of your clients with Searchlight. Minimize time spent on areas of SEO that can be automated to deliver valuable insight, discover new traffic opportunities and grow traffic for clients with Searchlight.

Faster Results with One Platform

Manage all clients entire natural search marketing landscape from a single SEO platform. Track and create reports on channels vital to your customers such as universal search results, international search results, social signals and analytics, daily rank tracking and achieve faster results.

Scale Search Marketing Services

Expand services beyond SEO audits and reporting with Searchlight like never before. Advanced features such as LinkCenterpaid and natural integration, keyword discovery and traffic explorer provide you with the data to help your customers expand their search visibility.

Integrate with Client Analytics

Combine natural search data with your clients' analytics platforms for a holistic approach to SEO reporting with Searchlight. Seamlessly tie SEO and business intelligence together to deliver accurate ROI reporting and insight at the touch of a button. Create customized dashboards for all your clients' that deliver relevant information instantly.

Get a Competitive Edge

Acquire, retain and grow clients with powerful SEO management and reporting features for a complete competitive edge. Utilize comprehensive workflow and task management features in Searchlight and upgrade from simple SEO reporting to an advanced search marketing.

Total Support

You won't be alone with Searchlight. Our experienced Conductor customer success team is dedicated to helping you utilize Searchlight to its maximum potential so that you can deliver scalable and timely value to your clients.

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