Get more for your search marketing dollars with Searchlight, the world's most advanced SEO platform. Increase your search visibility and get more traffic and revenue from your natural search programs with Searchlight. What are you waiting for?

Grow Revenue

Maximize the impact of natural search on your search marketing efforts with Searchlight. Monitor natural search performance, access competitive intelligence and identify new opportunities to increase traffic, conversions and revenue with a scalable SEO platform designed for your organization.

Expand Brand Reach

Access dynamic search analytics that help you identify and respond to factors that drive consumer traffic and increase customers. Track universal results, international markets and social signals for increased brand reach across channels from a single location. Build easy to read customized dashboards at the touch of a button for all your important ROI metrics and identify new opportunities to increase your brand reach.

Optimize Resources

Enterprise-grade keyword management, comprehensive reporting, analytics integration and workflow management can help you scale and expand your natural search programs. Arm your search teams with powerful tools that achieve your search marketing goals faster by optimizing your resources with Searchlight.

Track Search ROI

Constantly monitor the effectiveness of search marketing programs on revenue growth through seamless analytics integration with leading internet marketing platforms. Combine analytics and natural search data for executive level reporting,  discover new opportunities that can translate into actionable strategies for maximum search ROI.

Create and Execute Winning Strategies

Manage day-to-day execution and improvement of your natural search marketing programs with powerful workflow and task management features, collaborate on and oversee competitive research and analysis, identify new opportunities for revenue growth and implement strategies from a single enterprise-grade SEO platform.

Scale with Confidence and Support

Perfect for forward-thinking marketing executives who want to succeed by harnessing the power of Searchlight and dedicated customer support. Customers has unlimited access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you optimize the ROI of Searchlight. Access to an online customer community made up of thousands of Searchlight users and search professionals. Conductor can also provide Strategic Advisory services that can help you build competitive killing search strategies.

Thousands of global brands love using Searchlight daily to power their search programs and working with the Conductor team. Click here to watch some of our customers talk about why they love working with Conductor.

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