Integrate your marketing platform with Conductor Searchlight™ via the SEO Cloud™ and deliver real ROI

The SEO Cloud enables third party marketing platforms to interact and exchange data with our market leading natural search technology solution, Conductor Searchlight.

The SEO Cloud makes it possible to extend SEO data and workflow into other applications and enables organizations to leverage natural search metrics as a force multiplier across all channels.

  • Close the SEO loop and prove the ROI of natural search by integrating with your existing analytics platform.
  • Optimize your SEO efforts with continuous two-way data exchanges between your analytics platforms and the leading SEO platform Searchlight
  • Harness the power of natural search metrics to drive qualified traffic to your pages across marketing disciplines via the SEO Cloud

Searchlight is also connected to the SEO Cloud, empowering marketing executives and SEO professionals to measure the ROI on their SEO programs by pulling data from other platforms. It connects natural search milestones like search rankings and keyword volume directly to business metrics such as traffic, conversions and revenue.

Adobe Featured Integration

Adobe has partnered with Conductor to tie the SEO Cloud with the first Adobe accredited, 2-way data integration with the SiteCatalyst platform.

SEO Cloud Conductor partners with Adobe