Search Excellence for Agencies

Put your search revenue into overdrive. Conductor Searchlight™ gives agencies the solutions they need to boost their search business by strengthening client relationships, expanding existing engagements, and driving new business.

Conductor Searchlight for Agencies

Strengthen Client Relationships

You have a limited amount of time to provide value for your SEO clients. Yet your team has to put in an immense amount of effort to complete standard SEO activities such as reporting and competitive tracking. Despite your efforts, clients often struggle to see the value of your services, and their commitment to SEO is never consistent. What’s more – they often don’t see how much work goes into protecting top ranking keywords in intensely competitive markets.

Conductor Searchlight is the market leading solution for helping your team drive more SEO results and demonstrate the value of that success back to the client. Not only can you consolidate multiple tools into a single platform, Conductor automates many of the day to day time-consuming manual tasks, freeing your team to focus on activities that will produce revenue for your clients. And, Searchlight’s powerful dashboards and reporting flexibility will make it crystal clear to your clients how your team is adding value and driving revenue.

Expand Your Existing Engagements

Almost all of your clients have major opportunities in organic search they haven’t pursued yet. Searchlight gives you the data you need to justify larger investments and then quantify the business impact of those initiatives. With the combination of Searchlight’s Visibility Explorer and Business Case Builder, you can identify new opportunities, quantify their business value, and then create a step-by-step action plan to pursue them. As a result, you can help clients more easily understand the value of expanding their organic search efforts.

Drive New Business

Acquiring new customers is always challenging, and it frequently requires significant upfront non-billable hours from your team without any guarantees. Clients want to see their own data and keywords in your proposals, and manually obtaining data and generate reports is time consuming and costly. Automating the collection of data and creation of customized reports will save valuable time and resources for your team. It also allows you to dive deeper into customer issues and provide higher quality reports for prospecting purposes.

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