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The explosion of new digital marketing channels has provided an immense amount of opportunity for marketing departments over the last few years, but it also presents new and daunting challenges.

As a CMO – you have to deal with the organizational, process, and technological impacts of an evolving digital marketing landscape. You don’t have time to micromanage your team to drive marginal improvements in each of your individual channels. You need to look holistically at your brand and your customer engagement strategy to understand how to better align the full potential of your organization and its resources to your marketing objectives and strategy.

A New Paradigm

Web Presence Management is a new paradigm for driving early stage customer engagement. By employing a multi-touch marketing model early in the buyer’s journey – you can radically improve the reach of your brand and the likelihood of a prospect looking to you directly when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Conductor Searchlight is the only enterprise platform specifically designed to help you scale your efforts to align your full organization around your target audience, their buyer’s journey, and the conversations they are having across digital channels.

Creating the Fan Experience through Search: Ticketmaster

“Ticketmaster is a Conductor client because we love the energy of the business… the way they put our needs front and center, from the get-go, roll up our sleeves, let’s talk about SEO, let’s figure out how we help you achieve your business goals.”

- John Loken, Head of Marketing and Distribution, Ticketmaster

Conductor Searchlight, Customer Testimonial, Ticketmaster

Searchlight Technology Solutions

Conductor Searchlight™ provides a technology solution to support and scale your efforts: to engage your target audience throughout their buyer’s journey, improve the reach of your brand and demonstrate the ROI of targeted digital marketing efforts.

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