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Conductor Searchlight for Search Marketers

As a search marketer, you have to wear a lot of hats. You have to be a technical expert — able to diagnose SEO challenges across keywords, pages and entire websites. You have to be a teacher, constantly educating the rest of your organization about search and best practices. You also have be a strategic marketer and translate complex investments in SEO into business cases that executives can get excited about.

But the reality is that you can’t wear all of those hats all the time. You don’t have the bandwidth to worry about every canonical tag across the site. You can’t sit at everyone’s computer and remind them to think about what customers search for when they write content. And most importantly – if you spent all your time translating the nuances of SEO into the language of executives, you wouldn’t have any time to actually execute.

Take Action with Conductor Searchlight

Conductor Searchlight for Search Marketers

Conductor Searchlight is designed to help you scale each one of those roles in an automated and repeatable way. It allows you to identify, to take action, and report on the success of traditional SEO efforts. It provides workspaces crafted to engage internal stakeholders and help them both understand the importance and context of search marketing as well as take specific actionable insights away from the data. Conductor Searchlight gives you the reporting to become the most important person in the day to day work of every key stakeholder in your organization, winning you the recognition, resources and a seat at the table for strategic marketing decisions.

What’s more, Conductor Searchlight provides strong functionality around Web Presence Management. Web Presence Management is the discipline of combining your understanding of your different target audiences with the buyer’s journey that your customers follow to make a purchase. By providing a specific strategic approach to search, you can elevate the conversation past ‘just do what it takes to drive traffic’ to gain a seat at the table to demonstrate how search plays a key role in early stage marketing. Finally, it allows you to demonstrate the impact of early stage traffic on overall revenue, further assisting you at becoming a powerful advocate for search within your organization.

Searchlight Technology Solutions

Conductor Searchlight™ provides a technology solution to support and scale your efforts: to engage your target audience throughout their buyer’s journey, improve the reach of your brand and demonstrate the ROI of targeted digital marketing efforts.

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