Conductor + Google Analytics

Discover the whole customer journey, from competition to conversion.

Conductor Searchlight shows you performance metrics before customers reach your site:

  • Organic search + content visibility
  • Customer search intent
  • Competitive opportunities

Google Analytics shows you performance metrics on your site:

  • Visits
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

Get the complete picture of your online performance with Conductor and Google Analytics. Capitalize on the value of how your content gets discovered on the web.

Quickly investigate drops and gains in your metrics

Understand WHY your traffic dips or spikes: use Conductor Searchlight to uncover new competitors, technical issues, shifts in consumer demand, and more

Increase your content ROI with customer search intent insights

Make sure your content matches your customers’ search intent across locations, devices, personas and the customer journey, boosting conversions for every page

Customize reporting to fit your business needs

Track and report custom metrics like page- and site-level traffic, conversions, and revenue data, all in the context of organic visibility and customer search intent

Get the right context for each global team

Our integration can be customized for each of your global teams, aligning with their analytics profiles and key metrics.

Set your integration up in under 5 minutes

Five minutes is all it takes to integrate Google Analytics and Conductor Searchlight. Start getting value fast

Measure and report results in a way everyone understands

Create a simple way to share results, competitive performance, and overall progress to your leadership and stakeholders around the world

Conductor + Google Analytics = a comprehensive view of digital marketing performance.
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