The Challenge

Though WeWork had a strong marketing team and brand image, they faced a challenge familiar to many SEO experts: getting internal buy-in for SEO.

Without a platform or internal champion for SEO in place, the marketing team struggled to display the potential value SEO would bring to their organic marketing efforts to leadership. As a result, the marketing team at WeWork couldn’t get their SEO recommendations implemented and organic website growth opportunities were left on the table.

Collab Workspaces Results

"There was an internal sentiment that SEO did not provide enough value to warrant an investment. That was a huge hurdle that my team had to overcome."

Eric Farkas Senior Director of Digital Marketing, WeWork

The WeWork website used one landing page for each market to target their top two product categories: “coworking space,” and “office space.” In comparison, most of WeWork’s competitors used different product pages to target each term individually. Because of this, WeWork’s website ranked well for terms related to their brand–but they were low in ranking when it came to non-brand keywords related to their products. This meant that they were losing valuable traffic to competitors.

When it came to content marketing, the WeWork content calendar lacked any SEO data-driven production. As direct and SEO competitors were pumping out content, WeWork’s blog remained far behind the competition in editorial content market share. This meant even more loss of valuable traffic to competitors.

How We Helped

To solve these problems, the marketing team at WeWork asked the team at Conductor for help. The Conductor team worked closely with the SEO champion at WeWork to build a strategy for getting buy-in from the top down at WeWork. The goal was simple, if not easy: make sure everyone, from executives to engineers to content writers to social media managers, understood the value of SEO and the best ways to drive impact in their own roles. The Conductor team explained that SEO is a team effort--only by collaborating across departments could WeWork achieve results.

"I had to break down internal silos between Technology and Marketing in order to implement a strong SEO strategy, and Conductor was a vital partner in this collaboration effort."

Eric Farkas Senior Director of Digital Marketing, WeWork

The Conductor and WeWork teams worked together to evangelize SEO with the WeWork leadership team. They used the metaphor of  SEO as a marathon, not a sprint. Implementing a proper SEO strategy and displaying value would take time, resources and effort, but the results would make an impact on WeWork’s bottom line once they took effect. By focusing on specific projects that would make an impact, rather than smaller tasks, the Conductor and WeWork teams ensured success.


To exceed editorial competitors, the Conductor team completed a content gap analysis that powered an annual SEO content calendar. From topical categories like “how to work remotely during COVID-19” to evergreen ones like “what is flexible office space,” the WeWork team was ready to close the gap in editorial content market share.

The Results

Together, the Conductor and WeWork team tackled both challenges: proving the value of SEO to WeWork’s leadership and improving WeWork’s rankings in non-branded search terms.

The Conductor and WeWork teams built multiple new landing pages, each targeting one product. In a project this massive, engineering, content marketing, and paid search marketers all had to pitch in and collaborate on SEO. All of this was possible because Conductor was able to operate as an extension of the WeWork team, building processes for all the WeWork stakeholders to collaborate and execute on SEO recommendations. Conductor helped drive page 1 rank visibility across all regions, increasing US page 1 coverage by +61% and UK page 1 coverage by +75% over the course of the 14-month project project.

With Conductor’s help, the WeWork team was also able to incorporate a data-driven content strategy into their content marketing calendar in order to get the highest search rankings possible--and they didn’t have to wait too long to see results. Conductor helped drive a significant increase in traffic to the WeWork blog, increasing blog traffic by 127% in one year.

With these results, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that the WeWork team is now fully evangelized to SEO. From executives to marketers to engineers, everyone at WeWork and Conductor works together to create the strongest organic marketing strategy possible.

"WeWork’s Content team partners closely with our colleagues at Conductor to uncover the SEO insights we need. This ensures that the SEO-driven articles we publish align to our business goals and drive results."

Eric Farkas Senior Director of Digital Marketing, WeWork

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