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Data Sources

Conductor’s enterprise platform, Conductor Searchlight™, is the backbone of the Conductor Web Presence solution. Conductor Searchlight provides automated data analysis derived from a variety of sources important to a customer’s marketing objectives—including its own sophisticated data sets. Conductor Searchlight™ helps customers navigate a rapidly evolving digital space by analyzing their web properties, providing deep analysis into search data, modeling traffic, providing segmentation of content data based on the requirements of customer businesses, and more.

Analytics Integrationsdata-sources

Conductor Searchlight™ provides seamless analytics integrations with Adobe Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, DeepCrawl, Google Analytics, and Webtrends Analytics.

Keyword Discovery

Conductor Searchlight™ Visibility Explorer, powered by SEMrush, presents keywords customer pages rank for, which keywords competitors rank for, and where customers are missing opportunities. Get insight into traffic data, CPC, and number of search results. Customers can easily add important keywords to Conductor Searchlight™ for more detailed keyword analysis.

Link Reporting

Using Moz data, Conductor Searchlight™ LinkCenter lets SEO professionals understand the impact of network effect on their search visibility, by providing reporting, competitive intelligence, and gap analysis to find where they are missing opportunities.