Dare to transform: Future-proof your marketing strategy

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 11am ET | 8am PT
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Why Attend

The path to digital marketing success starts with digital transformation. The 2022 Summit provides exclusive insights on how to implement digital transformation successfully by focusing across four core areas: strategy, data, customers, and culture. Conductor has supported thousands of brands through successful digital transformation efforts. The 2022 Summit brings together the best minds in digital marketing to share their exclusive learnings. Attend to move beyond the buzzword and find out how to future-proof your digital marketing efforts today to overcome tomorrow’s economic and regulatory uncertainty.
Align on strategy to diversify marketing efforts
Hear from noteworthy thought leaders in marketing on how to optimize your paid and organic channels and invest in SEO and content marketing to ensure future success.
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Leverage data to increase marketing revenue
Learn how to build a comprehensive attribution model to report on marketing ROI and empower your team to use data-driven insights to increase traffic, conversions, & revenue.
Transform your customer experience
Learn how to convert more clicks into customers by investing in customer-first content, search engine optimization (SEO), and an enhanced customer experience.
Strengthen teams and optimize internal processes
Identify the best digital marketing team structure and required roles for your organization to enable digital expansion, optimize internal processes, and democratize data.
Dare to Transform
Jennifer Hyman
Featured Speaker

Jennifer HYMAN

CEO and Co-Founder
Rent the Runway

Order of the day

Understand digital transformation better than ever before and future-proof your digital marketing strategy in just two hours.

Conductor Welcome
11:00 AM ET
A Conversation with Tia White
11:10 AM ET
How To Power Your Marketing Strategy With Data
11:35 AM ET
Using Your Marketing Strategy to Fuel Digital Transformation
12:00 PM ET
A Conversation with Jennifer Hyman
12:25 PM ET
Women in Search Awards
12:50 PM ET
Conductor Women Award Top
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Conductor’s Women in Search Awards

Join us again to highlight women leaders and celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to the search industry. Please nominate an incredible woman you feel has inspired you or made an impact in search in any way. Honorees will be announced at our Digital Transformation Summit on October 26th.
Learn more here
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Meet the speakers

This is your chance to learn from some of the most prominent thought leaders in digital marketing, as we discuss the state of digital transformation in 2022.
Jennifer Speaker
Jennifer Hyman
CEO and Co-Founder, Rent the Runway
Jennifer Hyman linkedin
Jennifer Hyman serves as the CEO of Rent the Runway (RTR), which she co-founded in 2009 while a business student at Harvard. RTR is transforming the way modern women get dressed by enabling women to rent clothing. RTR has not only become a $1 billion business—a valuation fewer than 20 women-owned companies in the U.S. have ever reached—but also did so when Jennifer was nine months pregnant. Jennifer is a mission-driven leader and has built Rent the Runway from an idea into a high-growth company with one of the most beloved brands in the country. Her proudest accomplishment has been to equalize benefits for her salaried and hourly workers and to become a national advocate of business leaders' responsibility to become moral leaders. Ms. Hyman serves on the Board of Directors of The Estée Lauder Companies and Zalando, and is a Founding Member of the NYSE Board Advisory Council, which champions increased board diversity.
T White
Tia White
General Manager of Martech and Adtech AI and Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services
Tia White linkedin
Tia White is an engineering and product executive currently serving as the General Manager of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Adtech and MarTech at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In her role, she is responsible for owning go-to-market, product, and engineering for a portfolio of services on track to exceed profits of more than $25M including one of the fastest-growing services at AWS. Getting her start as an engineer, she quickly grew and expanded her scope to become a Director of Engineering at a Fortune 100 company before the age of 30. Throughout her career, she has helped companies harness the power of disruptive and emerging technologies to grow and improve the customer experience as well as lead massive transformations. Tia is a true disruptor with the ability to think big. She has pioneered multiple major transformations including Pubic Cloud Migrations and Data Transformations well before they were a focus of most organizations. She has held executive roles at multiple Fortune 100 companies, getting her start at Wells Fargo, followed by roles at Capital One and JPMorgan Chase & Company before arriving at AWS. Tia has built and led global teams and prides herself on being a people-first leader with the ability to deliver paramount results. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity has been a passion of Tia’s since she entered corporate America. It’s not a hobby, but a mission she lives day in and out – creating a STEM world where women, Black and Brown people are no longer a minority.
Seth Besmertnik
CEO and Co-Founder, Conductor
M Bruh
Michael Bruh
VP and Head of Account Success, Conductor
Michael Bruh linkedin
Michael Bruh is the Head of Account Success at Conductor, overseeing the account success team focused on driving customer retention and growth. Prior to joining Conductor, Michael was SVP Global Head of Media at WeWork, building an in-house SEO and media team, and was president & COO of Acronym Media, where he helped drive sales, marketing and client service across their four global offices. Michael brings over 25+ years of traditional and digital marketing for world-class enterprise brands.
Lindsay Hagan
VP of Marketing Conductor
Lindsay Hagan linkedin
Lindsay is the VP Marketing of marketing at Conductor, managing all demand generation and go-to-market activities. With over ten years of experience in the B2B SaaS space, Lindsay’s strengths lie in scaling marketing teams and building cross-channel campaign strategies. A determined entrepreneur, Lindsay began her career by launching her own company, WeareverYouGo. While working at WeareverYouGo, she participated in Cornell University's startup accelerator, eLab class, where she built a team of five. Furthermore, she was accepted into General Electric and OMD's joint incubator program in New York City. After stepping away from WeareverYouGo, Lindsay pursued a dual master's degree in Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) and Management at Cornell University and ESCP Europe. She then joined Augment, a Salesforce-backed augmented reality SaaS platform. There, Lindsay built the marketing team from the ground up and executed all online lead generation. Lindsay was a Discovery Awards Finalist for Emerging Women Marketers in Tech in 2017. She regularly speaks at industry events and presented at notable conferences such as Digital Summit DC Inside Intercom, the NYC Product Marketing Conference, and Conductor's C3 Marketing Conference.
Pat Reinhart
Patrick Reinhart
VP of Customer Success, Conductor
Patrick Reinhart linkedin
Patrick Reinhart leads enterprise digital strategy for Conductor’s Customer Success team as Vice President of Digital Strategies. He helps some of the largest brands in the world with their organic search initiatives. Patrick brings over 15 years of organic search and digital marketing experience to his work. Before joining Conductor, Patrick led the U.S. organic search practice at New York-based agency Prime Visibility. Prior to his agency and technology experience, Patrick was an accomplished entrepreneur, founding an eCommerce appliance retailer and a music management company.
Chase Kreuter
VP of Account Management, Conductor
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