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How Doing a Competitive SEO Analysis Can Help You Beat Out the Competition

Before digital marketing, an owner of a brick and mortar store only had to worry about a few competitors. They were usually located within a few miles of each other, so keeping an eye on what the competition was doing was easy. Success was defined by how much more visibility the store had against the others.

The internet has revolutionized how consumers make purchases. Competition is defined by more than the stores in the same locale. Businesses are forced to compete with others on search engine result pages. They can start investing in organic marketing. But, how do businesses determine how well they are doing compared to their competition?

The answer: they perform a competitive SEO analysis

Use Competitive SEO Analysis Data to Strengthen Your SEO Strategy

For digital marketing, proper SEO is what gets noticed. First by search engine spiders and then by consumers. In an environment of similar products, services, and content, the search engine result pages can be competitive. The difference between one company’s success and another’s failure is often determined by the strength of their SEO. Doing competitive SEO analysis is the key to understanding what competitors are doing to optimize your own strategy. Taking advantage of their weaknesses and learning from their strengths can build a more effective SEO strategy.

Armed this data, SEO can be streamlined and a website can be better equipped to reach a target audience.

How to Perform a Competitive SEO Analysis

When it comes to performing an SEO analysis, you have a few different options. You can take a manual, DIY approach and go through each of the key categories mentioned above. But, this can be very time consuming and not always the best use of resources. Or, you can use an automated tracking tool to allow you get reports and alerts when a competitor makes a change. Use a tool like Conductor’s Competitive IntelliScope for more reliable and actionable results.

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