How To Know Your Audience

Understanding Target Audience


ic_audience insights

Understand Your Target Audience

Research what your target audience is looking for with the largest database of global search keywords. Sort by search location, device, volume, competition, purchase journey stage, and more.

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Create Content that Your Customers Want

Discover what topics and content types your target audiences want so you can create content they’re actively looking for.

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See What Type of Content Resonates

Gain insight into the types of content that are appearing in results like images, videos, and answer boxes, so you can prioritize the type of content you’re creating.

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Get Everything You Need in One Spot

Access a customized newsfeed of traffic and conversion opportunities so you can quickly act on customer insights.

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"The way that we ideate has improved significantly. Searchlight lets us know—when we want to tell a particular story—if there are actually people who want to listen to that story be told. And that’s crucial, because otherwise we’d be speaking into the unknown."

Derek Tian


"Conductor has very much been a lightbulb moment for me. What good is your story if no one is there to read or hear it? Now we know people are reading and hearing it. Now we can take actual numbers back to our leadership team and say look: our content is working on this journey."

AJ McDonald

Senior Content Manager