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Search Engine Market Share

Size up and edge out content competitors.

Companies have business competitors and SEO competitors. Business competitors are other companies that have similar services or products and strive to rank in the same space. SEO competitors are publishers or blogs that also rank in the same space but do not compete for business. Both have keywords they are optimizing for different goals. The more keywords a website ranks for, the more topical relevance Google gives it.

The goal of an SEO strategy is to rank in the top three for all related keywords to the business’ product or service. This allows the business to own a topics and capture a large search engine market share.

What is Search Engine Market Share 

Market share is a business’ share of voice in a given set of keywords on search engine result pages. It’s what percentage of keywords a website ranks for against its business and SEO competitors.  The higher the percentage, the more topical traffic the website will get. The first three results on a search engine result page get the highest percent of traffic. It’s best practice to optimize and build a page’s authority until it gets there. The more authority a website has on a topic, the easier it is to rank keywords within it.

What Market Share means for Paid Search

PPC can benefit from regular measurement of search engine market share. Improving market share can reduce costs and improve traffic.

If a website has high authority on a certain topic, then the PPC cost per click will be much lower. Since Google already gives organic value to a website with its rankings, so creating ads for the topical keywords will have a higher ROI. The website will have a higher quality score and will rank higher in ad results.

What Market Share means for Content

On the content side, search engine market share can help strategy. If a website has topical authority but is not ranking high, adding content to pages can improve traffic. If a website has little to no market share on a topic, the content team can create content for it.

Owning a large market share for topics can benefit all parts of a digital marketing team. Improve website authority and traffic by monitoring market share against competitors.

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