Want Better Performing SEO? An SEO Rank Checker Can Make All the Difference

A successful SEO strategy doesn’t happen on its own. Not only does it take several hours’ worth of research before implementing, it also requires ongoing evaluation and, adjustments need to be made when necessary.
This is because in SEO, trends and algorithms are in a constant state of flux. Today keeping a website optimized is an ongoing effort; it requires perseverance and a dedication to get it right. But, like every journey, the path to successful SEO starts at the beginning: knowing where your website and keywords rank. As a result, a quality SEO rank checker is a necessary tool for every pro’s virtual toolbox.

What Does an SEO Rank Checker Do?

An SEO Rank checker analyzes a website’s keyword usage to determine how they rank on the most popular search engines. This is important information because keyword performance directly correlates to website traffic. Generally, rank trackers update on a weekly basis but a quality rank tracker is able to update on a daily cadence.

Why is Knowing Your Site’s Rank Important?

According to industry experts, the website that shows up ranked number one on a Search Engine Results Page grabs over a third of the traffic being generated by that particular keyword. The top three sites featured on a SERP collectively take more than 60% of the monthly search volume. If a site doesn’t show up until the second page of search results, it’s left battling over 1% of all traffic being generated for that search.
Knowing a site’s rank is crucial because the higher a domain sits on the SERP, the greater the chance of attracting traffic to the website. And, when it comes to marketing a website, its SEO rank serves as one of the benchmark statistics used to measure how effectively the campaign is working.

How Often Should a Site’s SEO Rank Be Checked?

As stated, keeping a website optimized takes a lot of hard work. This is because search engines are constantly updating their databases and introducing new, complicated algorithms into the mix. As such, search engine results are constantly changing. If a website isn’t optimized to keep up with them, it can drop all the way from top rank to lower pages in a matter of days.
To help prevent this from happening, perform weekly SEO rank checks. For even better results, SEO Rank should be tracked daily.

Searchlight Gives You the Data You Need to Improve Your SEO Rank

Conductor Searchlight’s Visibility Explorer and Daily Performance Manager provides measurable data to help ideate content creation to help a website’s SEO ranking. Conductor Searchlight is an all-inclusive SEO tool that provides all of the measurable data you need to create content that works hard for your website’s SEO ranking. Our Daily Performance Management utility provides you with real-time snapshots of how your keywords are performing so you can always keep your site relevant and ranking high. Searchlight will even send you immediate notifications any time your site experiences a sudden rank change or drop in traffic so you can act quickly and accordingly.
If you’re an SEO professional looking for a powerful and reliable SEO rank checker or you are a business owner who simply wants to stay updated on how your website is performing, Conductor Searchlight can help you reach and maintain your SEO goals.

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