Conductor Foundation

The Searchlight Grant

In 2011, Conductor launched the Conductor Foundation as an initiative to increase the online visibility of non-profit organizations. The Searchlight Grant, available to non-profits across the nation, includes SEO consultation and pro-bono use of Conductor Searchlight™.

Each year, a new grant recipient is selected to receive:

Conductor Searchlight, the world’s leading enterprise SEO platform, which provides insight into search data and competitive analysis for improving online search performance and discovery of revenue opportunities to reach funding goals.

Keyword Discovery Services, which offer intelligent insight into the keywords most appropriate for optimization and tracking.

Ongoing support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will help guide Searchlight use.

Access to the online Conductor Customer Community, which provides access to knowledge articles, Searchlight help, and online discussions with other SEO peers.

While we have already selected the winners of the 2015 Searchlight Grant, we are now accepting applications for 2016 recipients. If your non-profit is interested in being considered, please apply for a Grant.