Brandon Cohen

VP of Sales Operations

Brandon Cohen joined Conductor in 2008 as a Manager of Account Development. Cohen has held numerous leadership roles during his tenure with Conductor, most recently as VP of Sales Operations. To this role, he brings a tremendous understanding of SEO, Conductor’s customer base, and what a platform needs to be for the organization. Cohen manages the Lead Demand Generation team, directing their internal operations and build processes to improve overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Cohen’s strong leadership style of mentorship and team building has been a proven success that empowers his team to meet and surpass quotas and goals, and to optimize resource allocation.

Cohen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He currently resides in New York, New York with his family. Cohen received the Conductor Award in 2009, Conductor Employee of the Year Winner in 2010, and was a President’s Club Winner in 2010.