Shamoun Murtza


Shamoun Murtza serves as an advisor to Conductor. Previously, he served as Conductor’s CTO. With 15+ years of experience as a technology executive, Shamoun is focused on enabling Conductor’s technology to accelerate, scale and evolve.

Prior to Conductor, Shamoun held senior leadership positions at BMC Software,, and Time Inc. As the VP of Architecture and Software Development at, Shamoun built out the first SaaS solution for domain name management, which at one time ran 20% of the world’s authoritative Domain Name Systems (DNS). After helping take the company public, Shamoun co-founded and acted as the CTO of GridApp Systems. There, he built a model-based automation technology capable of deploying complex database clusters enabling enterprise Database as a Service (DBaaS) offerings. The company was acquired by BMC software, where he assumed the role of CTO of Financial Services. At BMC, Shamoun focused on big data and software automation strategies to help customers deliver digital services.

Shamoun is a two-time CNN expert panelist, and an inventor with three SaaS solution patents. He built one of the first web apps that accepted credit cards in 1995 for Kaplan and graduated from Rutgers in Computer Science and Applied Physics.