ChatGPT has been the talk of the town lately, however Pat may argue that SEO’s having been using automation and AI for a long time. Pay even asked it if it is here to kill SEO and to get the answer you will have to tune into 2023’s first edition of 30|30. Since the last time we chatted with Pat, Google had a helpful content update and link spam update conclude after an extended rollout. What is Pat seeing and hearing in the market about this? Not to be obvious, more volatility than usual and much more. In January 2023’s edition of 30|30, Pat covers:

  • Google’s Helpful Content Update & Link Spam Updates Finally Complete – What I’m
    Seeing & Hearing
  • Let’s Talk About ChatGPT / AI & What It Means For Search
  • Don’t Build Your Site On Bad Links Per The Googs
  • Keep Your <head> Clean

Watch now!

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