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Conductor knows how busy you all are. That’s why we are bringing the news to you. Join our Sr. Director of Digital Strategies, Pat Reinhart, as he hosts our award-winning SEO webinar series to break down updates in search, social, and content marketing in the last 30 days – in 30 minutes – getting you the information you need, and none of the noise. Take a look at years worth of SEO webinars in this archive, your one stop shop for SEO news and updates.

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Thursday, May 16th at 2:00 pm (EDT)

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To PDF or Not to PDF

June 2018

For this June’s 30|30, Pat dives into the latest recommendations from the PCI council, what Google has to say about crawl budget optimization, and why PDFs might not be the best vehicle for your content.

Consumer Buying Habits, They Are A Changin’

February 2018

On the February edition of our monthly SEO webinar, Pat shares his thoughts on the new GSC, translating your alt tags for your international sites, and how consumer buying habits have changed recently.

New Year, New Google Search Console

January 2018

On January’s episode of our SEO webinar, Patrick talks about the new GSC, Google’s PageSpeed insights tool using real user speed data, and how Google uses your sitemap to determine your canonicals.

Metadescriptions Are 320 Characters, But Don’t Update Yours Yet

December 2017

This month, we take a look back at 2017, discuss 320 character metadescriptions, the new “Best Answer” carousel, and make predictions for 2018.

Structured Data Isn’t Required For Rich Snippets?

November 2017

On November’s edition of our monthly SEO webinar, Pat discusses the Mobile-First indexing rollout, what to do about a keyword cannibalization issue, and how structure data isn’t required for rich snippets (but is still recommended).

About the Host

Pat Reinhart

Pat knows all things digital marketing and keeps up with the industry news so you don’t have to! He runs the digital strategy team at Conductor helping clients maximize their use of Searchlight and grow their organic visibility. With over 15 years in search, he’s seen it all so he can explain it all to you!