Enums in distributed systems

And another thing… Enums. Every software engineer has seen them. Maybe it was in your introductory programming class. Maybe it was at your first software engineering job. Or perhaps you saw them when reading an API spec or working on ... Read More »

In Defense of the Commit Message

It’s time to acknowledge an inconvenient truth: For an industry full of perfectionists, our commit messages suck. Open up your software’s source repository and issue a command that’ll output your most recent commit message. In git, our DVCS-of-choice here at ... Read More »

Making the Leap to Require.js at Conductor

Much has been written about the benefits of Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) script loaders like Require.js for large-scale JavaScript applications. There’s the boost to testability and maintainability, the clear dependency graphs, the deliverance from script tag sorting hell. As with any useful ... Read More »

Internal IT Automation With Puppet

When your company’s growing like a bean stalk on steroids (and weight gain supplements) and you live by Lean principles and practice JIT operations, you need to figure out how to efficiently manage a rapidly growing staff, and the IT ... Read More »

Radio Free Conductor

I got this idea from Dave, one of the engineers on our application team. It was during his interview, actually — we were talking about the time we’d both spent in the game industry, how the hours and work were ... Read More »