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Jenny Halasz will always be straight with you. That’s what’s different about consulting with JLH Marketing. She’s been in the industry for over 16 years, and she’s done and seen it all (she thinks). If you’re looking for an expert who will tell you what’s up, that’s JLH Marketing. There have been times she’ s told clients that they needed to re-think their business model, times they’ve decided to scrap a site that was in penalty, and times she’s found that a client just wasn’t “a good fit”.

JLH Marketing’s skills go well beyond SEO and Analytics, but she’s happy to work with you however you see fit. Jenny’s been a small cog in a big machine, the leader of a marketing department, and everything in between. She prides herself on being able to work with your in-house people, your development staff, and your c-level executives.

Jenny offers incredibly flexible programs since she bills everything by the hour. You can agree to a set number of hours to be used over time, a defined number of hours per month, or even a per-project cost. The thing that makes JLH Marketing different is that if you don’t use those hours, you aren’t charged for them. There are no costly “maintenance” contracts or “set up fees.”

Contracts aren’t required. While Jenny would love to work with you long term (oldest clients have been with JLH Marketing 5 years or more!), she understands that you need to get to know each other. All JLH Marketing requires is a 30 day commitment. Once that’s passed, you can renew as you see fit. Jenny has always believed that great work should be the reason you continue with JLH Marketing, never a contract.

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