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Conductor Named One of 15 Tech Companies Taking NYC By Storm

September 10, 2014

Watch out, Silicon Valley. New York City is bursting at the seams with highly valuated technology companies that are beyond burgeoning—they’re firmly grounded in the city’s landscape and laying the foundation of a new Silicon Valley by the Hudson.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is recognizing the momentum, stating earlier this year that the administration aims to have the majority of the city’s skilled technology-related jobs filled by those educated in New York City schools within eight years. And if the trend continues, they’ll have plenty to choose from.

From innovative ad and media tech companies, to consumer apps, and enterprise software, the following businesses are making their mark with investors and customers and are helping lead the way for New York’s tech scene.

In 2009, MakerBot’s three co-founders quit their jobs, built their first generation desktop 3D printer, hauled it to SXSW and printed shot glasses in local bars to announce their arrival in the tech world. Now offering five models and used to prototype everything from baby spoons to DIY medical devices for developing countries, the company is also partnering with major brands including Noika and eBay for customizable printed merchandise. Through MakerBot Academy, the company is on a mission to put 3D printers in every school in the country by leveraging public school teachers, crowdfunding, and designers and makers that are part of the “Thingiverse” online community. This company is a superstar in Brooklyn, New York tech, where headquarters are located.


A leader in web presence management since its 2010 launch, the Conductor Searchlight platform concentrates on unpaid channels such as organic search, content and social. Venture capitalists have backed more than $35 million and it’s paid off, with the company experiencing year-over-year revenue growth upwards of 300%. Citibank and FedEx are among Conductor’s global clients that utilize the company’s technology to identify revenue opportunities, create rule-based content insights, manage daily performance and even understand link strategies used by competitors.

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