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“2013 Will Be the Year of the SEO”: An Interview With Nathan Safran

September 25, 2012

Today we are excited and honored to feature this interview with Nathan Safran, the Director of Research at Conductor, Inc.

Here, Nathan shares the results of Conductor’s latest research, predicting that “2013 will be the year of the SEO” (conducted in concert with Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen), as well as his take on the SEO/search scene as a whole.

So in conjunction with Search Engine Watch’s Jonathan Allen, your research via Conductor indicates that 2013 will be the year of the SEO. What would you say are the most significant findings of your study supporting that prediction?

The way we approached the study is to draw an analog from how economists measure the economy. It’s a large and complicated entity and economists use a variety of ‘economic indicators’ such as housing starts, interest rates, money supply and more, which, taken together, give them a holistic view of the state of the entity.  These indicators should, in theory, give us a view of both the current state of the economy, and at least directionally, an idea of where we can expect to see it head going forward.

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