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The ABCs of ROI in Today’s Digital Media Ecosystem

July 31, 2014

Most marketers today probably think of ROI as shorthand for a more efficient online media buy. But the trouble with that marketer-centric point of view is that it ignores the revolution that is transforming online media. Today, half of all traffic comes from organic search, while a mere 6 percent comes from paid media. Which begs the question: why are you trying to get more bang out of your advertising buck when your customers are moving away from ads?

We now live in a world of converged media. That means the ecosystem encompasses paid (advertising), earned (media hits on third party properties, including social) and owned media (content you control on your website). Marketers need to be able to manage and measure their brand’s presence wherever customers choose to engage, whether that interaction occurs in a paid media context or, more likely, an earned or owned setting. This is because it is no longer about advertising—bombarding the customer at the perfect moment; instead, today’s marketing is about making your brand present during each phase of the customer’s journey toward purchase. But to do that, marketers need to understand the real ABCs of ROI in the new digital media ecosystem. Failing to follow the new ABCs of digital media can mean a disaster for a brand.

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