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AI is the Marketing Trend That Has the Most Marketers Feeling Unprepared

December 20, 2017

Several new technologies and trends are poised to occupy the coveted (sarcasm alert) position of the “Year of [ ]” in 2018. So which one should marketers be most worried about? As it stands, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the trend for which marketers feel most unprepared, according to a recent study [download page] from Conductor.

A Different Kind of Intelligence

As part of its study, Conductor identified 4 key trends and asked 500 marketing industry respondents to identify the one for which they feel most unprepared.

Artificial Intelligence emerged on top of that list, cited by roughly one-third (34%) of respondents.

About half of marketers globally are already using artificial intelligence in their marketing efforts, research from Salesforce has found. And AI is the fastest-growing marketing tool or technology in terms of planned usage, with another 27% expecting to adopt AI in their marketing within the next couple of years.

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