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When Analytics Inform the Strategy- Finding the Right Tool for the Job

June 12, 2014

B2B brands are quickly realizing they must prioritize fostering relationships with potential customers early on the sales cycle. Creating and distributing content (aka content marketing) has become one of the primary, and most effective marketing tactics for accomplishing that goal.

The Right Tool for the Job

One tool we utilize to identify content topics that will drive results is Searchlight by Conductor – an enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology platform. In April of this year, Conductor was named a finalist for the 2014 SIIA Software CODiE Award for Best Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution.

Conductor ‘s unique approach to measuring search rankings brings together search data in intelligent ways to support and inform content strategies and marketing objectives. One example of this is allow marketing teams to focus on content areas already in striking distance where the development of additional subject related content could lead to an increase in rankings and traffic surge ultimately leading to conversions that support overall marketing efforts.

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