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Baruch Toledano Joins Conductor as VP of Product Management

October 30, 2013

Conductor, the leader in search marketing and analytics technology, today announced the hire of Baruch Toledano as Vice President of Product Management.  Mr. Toledano will lead product development at Conductor’s corporate headquarters in New York City.  Toledano joins Conductor at a time of accelerated growth and unprecedented demand for its award winning platform, Conductor Searchlight™, used by major brands and the agencies that support them to scale natural search, uncover new business opportunities and measure success.

Baruch Toledano, VP of Product at Conductor

To meet this accelerated market growth, Conductor has doubled its engineering headcount in the last 12 months and launched more than 100 new features to the Searchlight platform. In his role as VP of Product Management, Mr. Toledano will work closely with customers, partners and internal teams to ensure Conductor is always at the forefront of marketing technology innovation.

Toledano joins Conductor from eBay, where he served in multiple roles in product marketing and most recently as Director of Product Management for Magento, the open-source e-commerce platform.  During his tenure, Mr. Toledano utilized the agile development methodology to create new features and product offerings that resulted in a 90 percent increase in customer sales annually. He was responsible for overseeing the release of six new versions and extensive feature sets for both the Enterprise and Community editions of the Magento platform while managing a team of product managers and community evangelists in multiple geographies.

“This is an unprecedented time of change for marketers,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Founder of Conductor.  “Baruch brings extensive experience, technical prowess and enthusiasm to the product development team and will help us execute on our mission to provide the world’s top brands with the best technology platform available.”

Conductor Searchlight has quickly risen to be the industry standard for enterprise organic search marketing.  The top four big agency holding companies, more than half of the top 20 Internet Retailers and more than 100 of the Fortune500 use Conductor Searchlight to measure search market share, protect search revenue, and leverage cutting-edge technology to grow their businesses. With its market-leading vision, unrivaled technology and world-class customer success teams, Conductor continues to be the first-choice for organizations serious about online visibility and competitive edge. Companies like FedEx, BestBuy, Siemens and General Electric (GE), report that Conductor has driven up to six times more traffic and 15 times more conversions from natural search.