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Brands Not Delivering On Content, Market Share Goes Unclaimed

February 16, 2017

As sophisticated search engine algorithms from Bing and Google look for “precise” answers to queries, brands just don’t delivering the content.

Conductor’s report, released Thursday, analyzes the market share for organic content during the 2016 holiday season and calls out many of the larger, more established brands whose marketers should have a better understanding of how to give consumers the perfect answer.

Organic Share of Voice by industry reveals some of the good, bad and ugly trends across insurance, finance, real estate, travel and hospitality, and retail. Some companies did extremely well, while others tanked when it came to reaching consumers with valuable content.

The organic market share is based on searches during the holiday season — about 150,000 search terms and more than 300 million consumer searches. It shows that big brands are missing the boat when it comes to creating content that consumers search for when they need answers.

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