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Characteristics of a Great SEO Marketer

September 24, 2013

Do you have the characteristics of a successful search engine optimization expert? Companies now expect their SEO experts to become proficient in content marketing and social campaigns. A recent study attempts to define what it takes to succeed. It calls these folks “best in class,” but for the sake of the recap of the findings, we’ll call them “successful.”

Search engine optimization company Conductor analyzed the characteristics and advantages of successful SEO experts for a study in which about 400 enterprise SEO marketers participated. The research aims to offer a benchmark for evaluating performance and improving internal processes. And it calls out an interesting statistic: There are more than one million with 25,000 open job requisitions on LinkedIn.

It turns out that successful SEOs are three times more likely to become involved in content creation projects from the beginning. Some 70% use advanced SEO technology to automate reporting, extend natural search insights and integrate data from disparate sources.

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