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Companies Emphasize SEO in 2013, metrics improving

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A survey conducted by Search Engine Watch in conjunction with Conductor found that SEO agility is a focus for many companies in 2013. According to the survey, 71 percent of marketers said they are either “much more enabled” or “more enabled” to implement and adjust web strategies that improve search visibility compared to last year.

Respondents said their advice and suggestions receive more respect than they did previously. Executives and other decision makers have gained a stronger understanding of SEO and its role in business development. As a result, 63 percent of respondents said executives at their companies are more familiar with the metrics and data used to confirm success in organic search marketing. While 35 percent report SEO knowledge has held steady in the past year, just 2 percent reported that decision makers are less fluent in search measurement than they were 12 months ago.

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