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Conductor Announces Spring Release: Latest Product Update Accelerates Content, Device and International Performance for Marketers

May 12, 2015

Web Presence Management Technology Company’s Latest Product Update Accelerates Content, Device and International Performance for Marketers

New York-May 12, 2015 Conductor, a leading web presence technology company enabling marketers to grow earned media, today announced new technology to bolster content marketing and provide insights into search behavior. The Conductor 2015 Spring Release introduces new ways to help marketers target the right audience at the right buying stage with engaging content. In addition marketers measure search behavior across device, location and content types.

“The marketing landscape continues to grow more complex, as does consumer search behavior”, said Baruch Toledano, Conductor vice president of product. “This provides an opportunity for marketers to better engage with content that is tailored based on device and location helps marketers cut through the noise. Our Spring Release focuses on exposing content opportunities and understanding search experiences based on location and device.”

Conductor’s Spring Release helps marketers focus on customers by:

Creating Targeted Content

  • Conductor Content Mapping enables marketers to map their existing content by segment such as persona, business unit or product line and buyer journey.
  • Conductor Searchlight technology exposes gaps in content strategy and measure performance.
  • Conductor Topic Insights generates topic ideas based on search trends.
  • Conductor Smart and Custom Segments help marketers segment their content in ways that make sense for them to measure performance.

Understanding Consumer Search Experiences

  • Conductor Search Experience Tracking provides a holistic view of search performance as well as the ability to filter based on location, device and content type.
  • Conductor expands the ability for marketers to understand international search behavior by adding Google in Romania, Poland and the Netherlands as well as Yahoo! Japan, Baidu and Yandex to current global offerings.
  • Conductor added support for Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm update allowing marketers to identify which pages are mobile friendly or not as well as insight into their competitor’s status.

Providing Quality Data and Support

  • Conductor expands existing support of Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics and adds Webtrends.
  • Conductor introduces the Quality Advantage, which ensures that data quality from structured and unstructured sources is accurate, fresh and actionable.

Additionally, as part of the Spring Release, Conductor introduced the Customer Success Advantage. According to Eric Reisch, “We have powerful technology and we want to ensure that marketers are using it to their full advantage. With the Customer Success Advantage we guide them through onboarding then provide them with industry thought leadership and experienced support.”

John Fernandez, senior director of analytics and operations at Jibe, a talent acquisition platform said, “One of the main reasons we use Searchlight is to highlight our areas for improvement. That way we know what to fix and the path forward. Content Mapping helps me make the case for more resources and to show what works and what doesn’t.”

For more information and to learn about the Spring Release, register for the Conductor Spring Release webinar by visiting www.conductor.com/2015-spring-release.


About Conductor:

Conductor is the leader of web presence management, inspiring marketers to break their addiction to paid media and create great consumer experiences through digital marketing. The Conductor Searchlight platform transforms a brand’s web presence in ‘unpaid’ channels, like organic search, content and social, into a powerful acquisition method resulting in meaningful traffic & revenue increases. The technology gathers data from the web to deliver insight into where a brand’s content is getting discovered, how their competition is being found and the playbook needed to win the ‘unpaid’ media war. Conductor’s 500+ customers include global brands like Citibank and FedEx, emerging leaders like Apartments.com, and leading agencies like iProspect & Razorfish.

Conductor is #38 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list and named by both Fortune Magazine and Crain’s Best Places to Work In America. Visit Conductor at www.conductor.com or on Twitter @conductor.