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Conductor Foundation Helps TisBest Increase Donations to Important Causes Through Organic Search

December 11, 2013

Conductor, the global leader in search technology, today announced that the Conductor Foundation has awarded a grant for pro-bono access to Conductor Searchlight and world-class resources to TisBest, the pioneer of charity gift cards. The grant will help TisBest increase its online visibility through organic search with intelligence and insights into search user behavior and intelligence.

TisBest is the original Charity Gift Card, redeemable by people at over 250 charity partners through their website. Organic search plays a critical role in the TisBest mission to connect businesses and individuals with great causes. Like many not-for-profits, TisBest has historically struggled to capitalize on the organic traffic opportunities available to them because of limited resources and investment.

With the help of the Conductor Foundation, TisBest now has access to the world’s leading search platform. Searchlight is enabling TisBest to expand from basic performance tracking of limited keywords to state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade performance monitoring of their entire search landscape, intelligence into search trends and the ability to view page-level analytics data for search programs.

“Our mission is to increase the visibility of great causes and search plays an important part of that strategy,” said Chad Edwards, Creative Services Director for TisBest. “Searchlight will enable us to expand our view of search, understand user intent through intelligence and help us build better content moving forward.”

Through the generosity of Conductor customers, the Searchlight Grant enables TisBest to access the same innovative technology and features as many of the world’s leading brands and agencies including; TrueTraffic, the only solution available today to accurately replace traffic data lost due to Google’s Not Provided. TisBest additionally has complimentary access to a host of additional Conductor resources and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

“The Conductor Foundation is a unique way in which Conductors and our customers can make the world a better place through technology,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO. “We’re honored to be able to help TisBest achieve their goals through access to leading technology, resources and support.”

Since 2011, the Conductor Foundation has been granting non-profits throughout the country pro-bono access to its market-leading search solution and resources. Previous recipients of the grant include Housing Works, WNYC (NPR), National Kidney Foundation and DC Goodwill.

About Conductor

Conductor is the global leader in search technology. More than 5,000 brands and enterprise marketers use its cloud-based platform, Conductor Searchlight™ to measure, improve and manage their natural search efforts to stay ahead of the competition, increase site traffic and boost revenues. The powerful, highly-scalable platform processes massive amounts of data quickly, giving users real-time information for better, more informed decision making. The platform enables users to identify new ways to increase share-of-search that will propel their businesses forward. Offering the most robust performance reporting and measurement tools available in the industry, Conductor arms marketers with the intelligence needed to tie SEO success to business objectives and demonstrate the value of SEO across the organization. One of New York City’s fastest growing and most-admired technology companies, Conductor is routinely recognized for excellence in business and corporate culture. To learn more, go to www.conductor.com or follow Conductor on Twitter @conductor.

About The Conductor Foundation

The Conductor Foundation’s mission is to provide the knowledge, skills and tools that empower charitable, nonprofit organizations to improve their online search visibility to raise awareness of their mission, increase donations and inspire volunteerism. The Conductor Foundation is made possible with the support of loyal Conductor customers. For more information, visit http://www.conductorfoundation.org

About TisBest Philanthropy 
TisBest Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the growth of non-material gift-giving. TisBest created charity gift cards in 2007. Charity gift cards work like conventional gift cards, but with one important exception: the recipient of a charity gift card “spends” it by choosing a charity to receive the funds.

With a TisBest Charity Gift Card, you make the donation and your recipient decides how to spend the donation, choosing from TisBest’s 300+ charity partners. Learn more at http://www.tisbest.org.