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Conductor Insight Stream delivers plain-English advice to every marketer

October 24, 2016

Analytics is hard. With over 800 analytics products vying for your attention, the problem isn’t which platform to choose — it is what questions to ask, and how to interpret the data.

Content intelligence platform Conductor  has today announced the launch of Insight Stream, a solution that attempts to do away with this problem by surfacing real advice from your marketing data.

In many ways, Insight Stream is similar to the recently added Assistant option within Google Analytics, but as it is a standalone product — able to integrate with many different data sources — it can go beyond the insights provided by Google’s product. Plus, Insight Stream has an extra trick up its sleeve: messaging.

“Insight Stream leverages Conductor’s search intent, content, and competitive intelligence data and also third-party platforms, including Google and Adobe Analytics, DeepCrawl, and Google Search Console,” Seth Besmertnik, founder and CEO at Conductor, told me. “We leverage data from Google Analytics, but all the insights are derived from our engines and do not use any of the automation Google already has.”

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