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Conductor Launches Content Insights to Help Marketers Increase The Visibility of Engaging Web Content

November 26, 2013

Conductor solves the problem of what good is great content if no one can find it?

Conductor, the global leader in search technology, today announced the release of Content Insights for the Conductor Searchlight™ platform. For the first time marketers and agencies can connect the dots between visitor analytics platforms and content management systems to unlock the full potential of their content strategy.


Google has become hyper-focused on delivering engaging content to make the customer experience as satisfying as possible. Creating great content for online consumption has always been important for search marketers, but algorithm changes and the evolution of consumer behavior, has made having a successful content development strategy more important than ever.

Conductor Content Insights

Search is enormously important during the customer journey.  Increasingly, customers use organic search for finding solutions to problems early in the buying cycle. Marketers who are not focused on building engaging content are finding that their search campaigns are suffering and losing customers to content-savvy competitors. Searchlight is the first solution to enable marketers to look holistically at the performance of their search and content campaigns and identify new content opportunities.

“Deluxe Corporation has been tracking content performance in search engines for some time and we’ve found that engaging, relevant content outperforms SEO-focused material every time.” said Adam Dince, Head of Organic Search at Deluxe Corporation.  With Content Insights in Searchlight we’re now able to organize and segment our content, understand the performance for the pages in each segment, and measure that performance over time.”

Content Insights in Searchlight now offers search marketers a holistic view into the performance of pages and content. Key capabilities include:

  • The ability to create content segments within a domain in a way that reflects how marketers think about their businesses. Use segments to align with content management system templates and identify which content is performing vs. which content needs improvement.
  • Measure and compare traffic performance across segments. Get a macro-level performance review of all segments for web pages, measure effects of changes made to groups of related pages, and identify areas of sites that are performing well or not performing well.
  • Measure and track changes and impact made at a single page level. Get actionable insight on the performances of pages and find optimization opportunities to increase visibility of those pages.

“Brands now realize that they must focus on fostering relationships with potential customers early on the sales cycle with informative and relevant content,” says Seth Besmertnik, CEO. “This shift means keyword-based optimization and reporting could ultimately leave companies who are not looking holistically at their search strategies with a competitive disadvantage.”