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Conductor Opens Search Patents For Free To Rival Brands

May 31, 2017

The turmoil within the search advertising and marketing industry forced Conductor Founder Seth Besmertnik to rethink the patent model and decided to start giving away the trade secrets and technology his company’s engineers worked so hard to create.

“Lawsuits stifle innovation and competition,” he said. “Who loses? The customers lose.”

There are lots of reasons not to license the patents for free, he said. It could become a problem if the company is ever acquired, and it could lower the brand’s overall worth.

But there are just as many reason to do it, he said, such as creating competition and goodwill and building the importance of organic marketing and content intelligence.

Conductor has about 20 pending and granted patents, ranging from creating task management around SEO to page-scoring methods. Patent No. 8,583,681 describes a system and method for filtering keywords. Granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2013, the patent filters keywords and determines a second set of keywords based on the first set. Another patent — No. 8,239,405 — granted in 2012 is based on keywords filtering on combined scores.

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