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Conductor Takes Marketers’ Digital Content into Google Search Results, Announces New Features at Sold-Out Customer Conference

October 26, 2011

Conductor, the leading provider of SEO technology software, Searchlight™, today announced the release of three game-changing features including the first digital asset measurement and optimization platform for Google’s universal search results. More than 80 percent of every search conducted on Google includes a digital asset like news, videos or shopping results.  With the new features and functionality added to the Searchlight platform, brands can measure the impact of these results on their site traffic, and globally improve the ranking and traffic from their digital assets.

Conductor is making the announcement in front of a sold-out crowd at the first-ever Conductor Collaboration Conference C³ in New York City. The inaugural event brings together CMOs, marketing professionals and search marketers from the world’s leading brands in a spirit of collaboration to share SEO best practices and hear presentations from Crispin Sheridan of SAP, Dave Lloyd of Adobe and Maura Ginty of Autodesk. Attendees are certain to walk-away with actionable, expert advice on how to take control of natural search for optimal gain.

Major topics to be addressed include the rise of universal search results, international search optimization and the ability to identify new keyword opportunities to drive traffic. The new features announced at C³ include:

Universal Search Optimization

According to Conductor research, 80 percent of keyword searches contain universal results.  With universal search optimization now available in Searchlight, brand owners can gain an unfair advantage in natural search by tracking digital assets and analyzing competitors in blended Google search pages, identify classic and TrueRank™ as well as pixel position for maximum visibility.

Enhanced Keyword Discovery

With the ability to scale SEO programs from a single SEO platform, search marketers looking for new opportunities to grow traffic can now utilize Traffic Explorer and Visibility Explorer within Searchlight. To win the visibility race, users can gain instant access and insight into keywords and ranking URLs that they were previously not optimizing.

International SEO

According to Google, 50 percent of searches now happen outside of the United States.  To keep up with this global trend, marketers must move beyond traditional search boundaries to be successful.  With Conductor Searchlight, brand owners can now expand their global reach across the G20 and access international customers. The platform enables users to track and optimize keywords across search engines from a single location for global search dominance.

“The exposure of SEO across organizations over the last year has been nothing short of spectacular, and Conductor customers are pioneers in making SEO touch every part of their organization,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. “Today at C³ we’re bringing these SEO pioneers together to collaborate with each other, share their visions of the future and see how Searchlight is revolutionizing the digital marketing space beyond just SEO.”