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Conductor to Showcase Monumental SEO Innovations at Adobe Summit 2013

March 5, 2013

The World’s Leading SEO Platform and Longest-Running Adobe SEO Partner Demonstrates Analytics-Powered SEO at Premier Digital Marketing Event

Conductor will exhibit its ground-breaking SEO analytics and reporting capabilities at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, March 4-8 in Salt Lake City.  Digital marketers are fast becoming strategic leaders within their organization and are looking for new and innovative ways to scale natural search, uncover new business opportunities and measure success.  As a premier Adobe SEO partner, Conductor will demo a suite of new features that arm the next-generation marketer with the technology, information services and reporting mechanisms needed to take natural search to the next level.

At booth #203, Conductor will showcase solutions for analytics-powered SEO designed to touch the entire organization – not just the search professional. Digital marketers, brand managers, merchandisers and executives are encouraged to stop by and see how Conductor Searchlight™ enables organizations to link SEO to bottom-line business results, offering sophisticated reporting capabilities that drive executive visibility and buy-in for natural search programs, and establishes a predictable model for revenue growth from natural search.  With Conductor Searchlight, large international teams can create an SEO center of excellence to capture, manage and digest massive amounts of data quickly; prioritize, assign and manage workflow; and set a clear course for reaching organizational goals.

Key features and functionality on display include:

  • Organizational Workspaces: Tame SEO and Analytics “Big Data” with Searchlight Workspaces. Build unlimited customized workspaces for your entire team.
  • Real-Time Performance Reporting:  The real-time information you need for instant decision-making to optimize natural search programs for increased traffic and to grow revenue.
  • Extensive Paid Search Integration: Unlike other platforms that only offer paid search integration for a user’s own domain, Searchlight customers can now see paid search data for competitors – enabling powerful, game-changing competitive analysis for both paid and SEO campaigns.
  • KPI-Based Goal Management: Set and track specific KPI-based goals to measure and track progress automatically using Searchlight-reported data.
  • Enhanced Reporting Delivery:  Searchlight users can deliver important progress updates automatically through the enhanced delivery of flexible dashboards and reports. Schedule automatic delivery of reports to desired executives and business teams who have a stake in search, whether they are inside or outside the company.
  • Total International SEO: Optimize your organic search presence in new markets with Searchlight international SEO.  Searchlight international is the most comprehensive international SEO solution on the market today. Utilize the power of Searchlight across markets and territories.

Conductor is the first Adobe Genesis accredited SEO partner to bring analytics-powered SEO to digital marketers with the integration of Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe SearchCenter+ with Conductor Searchlight, the cloud-based technology platform that has transformed SEO into a healthy, high-functioning business channel for respected brands. Today, Conductor supports more than 175 brands that integrate Adobe and Searchlight while providing the most advanced features and functionality to optimize natural search, increase site traffic and grow revenues.

“By enabling an open, seamless exchange of data between natural search and analytics platforms like Adobe SiteCatalyst, marketers can easily tie SEO programs to business goals and demonstrate ROI across the organization with in-depth, real-time reporting,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor.  “We are enabling digital marketers to be more brilliant – to increase natural search visibility in the marketplace and across the organizations, drive more website traffic, set clear goals and performance indicators, and report on results to win budget – all from one platform.”

Conductor is hot off the heels of its most successful year on record, fueled by a historic round of funding and increased global demand Conductor Searchlight.  2012 saw more than 150 new customer engagements bringing the total number of brands under management to more than 2,000, representing $4.5 billion in SEO revenue and more than five million keywords under management.