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Conductor Unveils Exciting First-to-Market Platform Upgrades at C3 Conference 2014

October 10, 2014

Enhanced Offerings Enable Web, Search and Content Management Professionals to Streamline and Maximize Performance of Organic Campaigns Across All Key Channels

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Oct 8, 2014) – On Day 1 of its annual C3 Conference in New York City, Conductor, the leading web presence management provider, unveiled the next generation of its web presence management platform Searchlight. Core elements of the platform have been developed in order to empower marketers to create more holistic campaigns and manage their overall web presence. By targeting each customer persona with relevant and meaningful content intended to advance the customer throughout the buyer’s journey, marketers can drive demand for their products and services, differentiate against their competition and demonstrate the impact of their efforts within their organizations.

Key strategic capabilities included in the Searchlight 3.0 release are:

Content Mapping – A unique and innovative new approach to web presence management, Searchlight Content Mapping makes it possible for marketers to map their content to both their personas and their buyer’s journey, giving them the ability to visualize where they have gaps in their content that might potentially push customers to seek out competitor content. Further utilizing Conductor’s market leading analytics integrations, marketers can, for the first time, track performance metrics of their content to understand attribution and the ROI of content marketing efforts.

Search Experience Tracking – customers are constantly seeking content in new ways on new channels — and 92 percent of the time it isn’t through paid advertising. To help marketers respond, Conductor has overhauled the core engine of Searchlight to give deep visibility into the true experience of customers searching for answers on search engines. Marketers will be able to see the performance of their content across 400+ global locations and 3 device types including smartphones and tablets; additionally, they will get deep insight into their performance in new content channels on search engines such as images, news articles, videos and local listings. The result: a unique ability to understand the exact way a consumer experiences their content on the web — in the new world of personalized and localized search results.

YouTube Channel Insights – In addition to advanced search engine visibility, Conductor is also expanding beyond search engines to give insight into brand performance on YouTube with the industry’s first organic YouTube integration. The integration will provide both critical data on the performance of video content on YouTube, but also actionable insights on how to make sure the brand’s most compelling video content is getting in front of the largest possible audience.

Conductor’s CEO Seth Besmertnik said, “At Conductor, we differentiate ourselves by listening to the needs of our customers and remaining laser-focused on perfecting our Searchlight platform. Because of that continued drive to improve, we are able to announce we are again first-to-market with several important tools that will empower our customers to grow to become true Web Presence Marketers.”

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