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Content intelligence platform Conductor adds DeepCrawl integration so customers’ sites are tested for search crawls

June 21, 2016

The integration, CEO says, provides a best-of-breed site audit that exceeds what his competitors offer.

The Searchlight platform of content intelligence firm Conductor provides insights to companies about how well topics and content on their desktop and mobile web sites fare in Google, Facebook, and other searches.

“We found almost all [of our most successful customers] use some site crawler to make sure there are as few errors as possible,” CEO Seth Besmertnik told me. These errors in site structure, missing pages, or other factors can prevent a search engine crawler from accurately mapping the site.

To remedy this, Conductor had offered a site auditing tool through its platform, but Besmertnik described it as “rudimentary.” So this week, the New York City-based company is announcing an integration with DeepCrawl, which Conductor describes as “the world’s most powerful web crawler.”

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