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Hiring Checklist: 4 Characteristics That Matter

February 1, 2013

Whenever you recruit for an open position, you know what you’re looking for. Or, probably more accurately, you kinda know.

Or, if the observations of search-industry professionals are to be believed, you scarcely know at all and you certainly haven’t thought through — and described in writing — exactly what characterizes the type of person your business needs to succeed.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor, the $10 million SEO toolmaking shop, is an exception. Not only has he labeled the top four characteristics he seeks in job candidates, he’s adopted a routine of publicly restating them among his staff every quarter.

“I have a slide of what makes a great person who works for Conductor,” Besmertnik told Adam Bryant for an article in The New York Times. “I share that with everybody about every 90 days, and they might feel annoyed seeing it again, but repetition is a good thing at times. They’re basically the things that we look for when we hire people.”

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